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ANMOL - Soil Conditioner for Rainfed and Drought hit areas
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ANMOL - A True Plant Growth Promoter
Anmol is a magical Soil Conditioner for rainfed and Drought hit areas. It is natural product based formulation which absorbs large quantity of irrigation water / rain water and release freely as required by “Normal Suction and Osmotic Pressure" of the root systems.
  • Synthetic Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP) also absorbs water but does not release water freely under normal suction and osmotic pressure of the roots.
  • Even and better germination of seeds.
  • Reduce irrigation frequency and its cost.
  • Guaranteed reduction in water stress.
  • Tremendous seeds germination benefits with fantastic growth of plants.
  • Lowest dose compare to major brands in the world. Degrade
  • slowly in the soil into harmless products, so truly safe.
General Recommendation : 1 kg per acre
Special recommendation : For sandy soil, use up to 2.5 kg per acre. Apply Anmol at depths of 6 to 8 niches for soil with poor water holding capacity / sandy soils. In clay soils apply Anmol in the top 4 inches of the soil.
In the farms for field crops
Prepare the field for sowing.
Add 1 kg Anmol to 10 kg of fine dry soil. Mix properly, and make a fine mixture of both. The 11 kg of mixture (Anmol+soil) should be applied along with the seeds / fertilizer.
For best results, Anmol should be close to seeds.
In nursery bed for transplants
Apply 2 gm per sq. meter of nursery bed. Mix Anmol uniformly in the top 2 inches of the nursery bed.
While transplanting
Thoroughly mix 2 gms Anmol per litre of water to prepare a free flowing solution and allow to settle for half an hour. Later, dip the roots of the plant in the solution and than transplant in the filed.
Reduce moisture stress - both high and low. Improves the physical properties of the soil. Increases water / moisture holding capacity of the soil. Reduces erosion and leaching of nutrients in the soil. Increases the oxygen/air availability in the root zone. Water loss to evaporation is significantly reduced. Complementary with ‘drip irrigation’. Increases the biological activity in the soil due to increased moisture availability.
Anmol- Plant Growth Promoter
Available packs
100 gms, 200 gms, 500 gms, 1 Kg
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