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Disinfectant to kill Bacteria, Virus, Fungi in Medical and Hospitality industry
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Destro Bac
‘Destrobac’ is one of the most effective next generation natural disinfectant, that assures almost 100% sanitizing and disinfection properties for Fish, Poultry Farms, Swimming pool, Medical, Hospitals, Hotels and many other areas. Kills almost all kinds of Bacteria, Virus, Fungi, Microbes, Spore, Bacteria Colonies, Coliform Bacteria, Coli Escherichia, Harmful organic substance, etc.
  • Kills almost all kinds of bacteria, virus and fungus including E.coli, Coliforms.
  • Next Generation Disinfectant with Excellent Sterilization Properties.
  • Removes odour and bad smell.
  • No pH limitations.
  • Remove algae in swimming pool with excellent disinfection.
  • Broad spectrum control.
  • Easy to use, 100% water soluble.
  • Highly Economical.
  • No residue, non toxic, safe to use.
Fish & Aquaculture Industry :
Treatment of all kinds of aquaculture fish, shrimp to treat bacterial & viral disease, remove odour, improve water quality, increasing oxygen content of water.
Hotel & Hospitality Industry :
Use for Bathing water disinfection, Restaurant and Kitchen disinfection, Refrigerator Deodorization and Disinfection, Ground Sterilization, Deodorizing the room, Furniture tops and other hard surface, Toilet Sterilization, Bed clothing and other textile fabric odour removal and sterilization etc. Use for Non potable water in Swimming Pools, Spa, Landscape, Tap, Sewage to kill Algae, Disinfection and Sterilization, Odour Removal.
Poultry & Livestock Industry :
Livestock and poultry disinfection, Disinfectant of Slaughter house. Epidemic disinfection: An outbreak of disease in Livestock and Poultry & Disinfection of dead body Poultry eggs sterilization.
Medical and Hospital Industry :
  • Tools and machine sterilization in normal water without any heat and electricity.
  • Operation Theater Sterilization by fogging method.
  • General Disinfection of Ground, Toilets, Bed Sheet & Other Fabric Sterilization, General Room Disinfection
  • Odour Removal.
  • Hand Sterilization.
Destroy Without Harm Nurture Without Side Effects
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