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Nema Tod - preventing plant parasitic nematodes & wilt due to nematodes infections
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Nema Tod
'Nema-TOD' is a Next Generation Proprietary Formulation developed with In house R & D ,which is a synergistic combination of highly effective biological actives and prominent botanical extracts in a polymer matrix blend, which are very promising in preventing and controlling plant parasitic nematodes and also prevents fungal infections like wilt due to nematodes infections.
- Root knot nematode caused by Meloidogyne sp.
- Golden cyst nematode caused by Globodera pallid and G. Rostochiensis.
- Cyst nematode caused by Heterodera sp.
- Citrus nematode caused by Tylenchulus semipaenetrans.
- Reniform nematode caused by Rontylenchulus reniformis
Pomegranate, Chilli, Potato, Tomato, All Vegetables, Maize, Rice, Cotton, Flowers, Fruits Crops, Tea, Coffee, Ornamentals in greenhouse and nurseries and Plantation crops etc.
250-500 ML Per Acre at interval of 30 -60 days for perennial crops or long
duration crops of more than 90 days interval depending on infestation severity
250 -500 ML at interval of 15-20 for short duration crops of up to
3 months started from soil preparation till harvesting.
*Dose is dependent of area not on qty of seed in weight or numbers
#Good Organic Carbon in the soil is recommended for much better control
Soil drenching directly by drip of recommended dose or by spray pump.
Seed treatment while seed sowing or while transplanting with recommended dose
Soil Treatment during soil preparation with irrigation
Apply during evening in humid conditions. If conditions are dry irrigate the field before application. Chemical fertilizers/insecticidal should not be sprayed before or after five-seven days for best result. Do not mix with chemicals fertilizers or insecticides, fungicides, nematicides at the time of application.
Store in cool place away from direct light and heat.
  • Innovative product with highest possible global standards.
  • 100% water soluble so can be given via drip irrigation.
  • Can be applied at all stages of crop production work best at early stages.
    Maintain ecological balance and does not create resistance, resurgence and residual problem.
  • Helps in better germination if used as seed treatment, stress reliever and helps in strengthening the growth of plants
  • Positive results can be seen with single application, but with recommended dose total control


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Nema Tod - preventing plant parasitic nematodes & wilt due to nematodes infections
Available packs:
100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 L, 5 L
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