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Neem Cake is an organic fertilizer having micronutrients for plant growth
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Wonder Neem Cake
Neem Cake is an organic fertilizer having adequate quantity of NPK content and other essential micro nutrients in organic form for plant growth.
Due to presence of Azadiractin and other isomers it shows prominent pesticidal and nematicidal properties, thereby helps in reducing pest populations.
Application Rate: 100-200 kg per acre while preparing land for sowing.
  • Rich in organic carbon and improve the soil texture and its quality.
  • 100% safe for earthworms.
  • When applied with nitrogenous fertilizers like UREA, gives a synergistic result by slow down the process of conversion of Nitrogenous compounds into Ammonia, Nitrites and Nitrates and improving Efficiency Nitrogenous fertilizer by its suppressing the activity of soil bacteria like nitrosomonas which are responsible for losses due to leaching, Under the environmental conditions encountered in most parts of India, urea after application to soils hydrolyses fairly rapidly to ammonium carbonate, over a maximum period of about a week. The ammoniacal form of nitrogen is subsequently converted to nitrite and then to nitrate by the action of nitrifying bacteria viz. Nitrosomonas sps. and Nitrobacter sps. respectively.
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