to Improve 
Farmers’ Lives”

About the Company

At Huntin Organics, we aim to bring solutions for farmers based on their never-ending problems in farming.

Based on our fundamental research, extensive field trials, and knowledge of traditional farming systems, we have created solutions to address three major problems related to plant nutrition, controlling pests and diseases, and their resistance management.

Within a span of more than a decade, we have created an impact on over 100,000 acres of farms across the country. The five-decade business legacy of our Founder, Mr Nitin Singhal, led to establishing Huntin in 2008, for providing nutritionally rich-safe food, and continues to grow across sectors with his everlasting passion.

Our company has manufacturing facilities at Faridabad and Indore, a current built-up of 55,000 sq. ft. and expandable upto 300,000 sq. ft., catering to the ever growing demand for natural origin products for sustainable agriculture. We have a multi-disciplinary team of over 30 techno-commercial persons that ensures the solutions are made available for farmers on time.

This supplements our end goal of not just supporting the farmers, including smallholders, but also consumers with safe and nutritious food on their plates.

Huntin stands for delivering natural organic sustainable solutions to the farming sector while nurturing the environment and biodiversity at large.


  • At Huntin, we envision a world where the entire agricultural produce will be chemical-free with high nutritional value and no side effects. Therefore, keeping our vision at the forefront, we bring sustainable and environment-friendly products to relieve farmers from their worries and gain maximum ROI with minimum investments.

  • We work with a clear vision to ‘Destroy without Harm’ (for pests/insects) and ‘Nurture without Side Effects’ (for plants and the environment). Additional benefits are sustainable agriculture, a healthy and nutritious consumer lifestyle, pollution control and healthier biodiversity.

Challenges Farmers Face

Resistance: Insects and pests develop immunity to the pesticides and insecticides farmers use to protect the crops. It forces farmers to change the chemical and give a higher dose to the plants after every cycle to break the resistance.

Pollution: The soil absorbs harmful chemicals from pesticides, which pollute water bodies and the air.

Create Health Issues: Humans and animals who consume these crops start developing health issues in the long run due to the consumption of harmful chemicals.

Lower Shelf-life: Chemical-based pesticides curtail crop nutrition, leading to a lower shelf-life of the produce.

Solution by Huntin Organics

Insecticide Resistance Management (IRM): Our experts have found a solution to manage resistance.

100% Residue Free Products: Our products are made of natural substances/biological origin and don't leave residue on plants and soil.

Disease Management: Our chemical-free disease management solutions protect plants from diseases and keep them safe and healthy.

Plant Nutrition: Just like human bodies, plants too require nutrition for healthy development. Our bio-organic fertilizers provide it to them and also add to the shelf-life.

100% Organic Products: Every product at Huntin Organics is 100% natural and safe for plants and consumers. They don’t negatively impact the environment and provide healthy nutrition to the plants and maximum yield to the farmers.


  • 2 manufacturing units and a HEAD OFFICE IN FARIDABAD.
  • A team of 50+ qualified professionals.
  • 15,000 sq. ft. area in Faridabad facility, expandable upto 35,000 sq. ft.
  • 40,000 sq. ft. area in the Indore facility, spread over 220,000 sq. ft.
  • 14+ years of experience, established in 2008.
  • 10,000+ metric tonnes processing facility.
  • 15+ countries served.

About the Founder of Huntin Organics

Mr. Nitin Singhal comes from a business house with multiple exposures in industries within the family domain, namely, commodities & foodgrains, metal forging, telecom, textiles and biopesticides. Within the course of these businesses, he has travelled across India and the world extensively. He carries a major influence from his father, who taught him to respect the farmer.

Hence, to bridge this gap of widespread challenges faced by the farmers, he founded Huntin Organics to address such issues and deliver cost-effective, eco-friendly and sustainable solutions for farmers and consumers alike, with the motto, “Creating Value for Every Stakeholder in the Food Value Chain”.