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At Huntin Organics, we aim to bring permanent solutions for farmers based on their never-ending problems in farming. Based on our fundamental research, extensive field trials, and knowledge of traditional farming systems, we have created solutions to address three major problems related to plant nutrition, controlling pests and diseases, and their resistance management.

Quality Products

Our bio-organic fertilizers provide nutrition to them and also add to the shelf-life.

Healthy Soil is a big Bonus with exceptional profits everytime.

What we do

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Permanent Solutions for crops

At Huntin, we envision a world where the entire agricultural produce will be chemical-free with high nutritional value and no side effects. Therefore, keeping our vision at the forefront, we bring sustainable and environment-friendly products to relieve farmers from their worries and gain maximum ROI with minimum investments.

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Healthy and profitable crops with Huntin products Always

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Working Towards a Sustainable

- Original Fundamental Research
- Extensive fields trials and feedback
- Thorough Knowledge of farming systems

We have created solutions for 4 major problems
1. Plant Nutrition
2. Nematodes controls and management
3. Soil Borne Diseases like wilt and other important disease control
4. {IRM} Insecticide Resistance Management and total pests/insects control {IPM}

To reach each and every single farmer with the focus of our core values-
"Destroy Without Harm" [Harmful only for pests/insects not for beneficial]
"Nurture Without Side Effects" [safe for plants and environment]


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since 2008

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Agriculture is the backbone of our country's economy. It is the main traditional occupation of our country. Let's Connect to solve problem of agriculture industry.

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