Grow Brinjal With Huntin

“Every acre has the potential to grow Brinjal up to 80 metric ton/acre”

Did you Know ?

One Brinjal plant can produce 15 - 25 kg per plant per month

Be free from insect pests and disease

Permanently Now and Forever


Damping off

Pythium aphanidermatum

Little leaf of brinjal

Candidatus phytoplasma trifolii (Phytoplasma)

Bacterial wilt

Ralstonia solanacearum

Alternaria Blight

Alternaria melongenae

Cercospora leaf spot

Cercospora solani f.sp. melongenae

Spotted wilt disease

Peanut Bud Necrosis Virus (PbNV)


Root-knot nematode

Meloidogyne incognita, M. javanica

Do you also want to increase your "Brinjal Crop" yield?


Discover the impressive results of our Brinjal protection solutions, safeguarding your crops and maximizing yields. Experience healthier Brinjal crops with Huntin.

Before Huntin Solutions

After Huntin Solutions

Simple Solution To Brinjal Crop

Protect your Brinjal crop with Huntin’s simple and effective solutions, ensuring a good quality crop. Explore our solutions for sustainable Brinjal protection.


Yes, all Huntin Products are 100% residue free, effective and safe for everyone.

Yes, Huntin products are advised to use repeatedly again, and again, it will work more and more effectively with repeat use.

No, all Huntin products are totally harmless, residue-free, and safe for honey bee, predators, soil earthworms, waterbodies, biodiversity. In fact, many of the Huntin products reduce the toxicity caused by many dangerous chemicals regularly used in farming.

Everything is linked to how we utilize energy and use for production like in Brinjal , if farmers plan the fertigation based on 80 metric tone or more target yield, day wise, week wise, month wise improvement can take the yield even more than 80 metric tone. However, there is still not a single farmer who claims to produce 80 metric tons/acre of Brinjal. But it is really possible with step-by-step compounding effects, one of the missing links is ignorance of biology in the soil, which is the foundation for high yield, 100% true chemistry can be zero without good biology. By using seed grow++ as per Huntin's schedule and other fertilizer planning, this 80 metric tons/acre every year is achievable.

Are you worried about Residue/ Insect/ Pest/ Disease/ "Insecticides / Fungicide Resistance"/ Quality

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Sure Shot Solution For
Soil-Borne Disease

Use Disnil Soil 100 ml-250 ml/acre

Repeat Use after every 7 days

Worried About Diseases? Just use it!

1 ml 100% per litre of water with 1ml of Nano Reach per litre of water.

"After 30 minutes to 24 Hours"

Disnil Soil 1ml/ltr + Nano Sulf 2ml/ltr + Nano Reach 1 ml/ltr

Note: Repeat spray every 7- 10 days

A Miraculous product for Mosaic
Virus and Viral Diseases

Disnil (1.5 ml /L) + Insecticide (As Per Recommendation) for vector control+ Nanoreach (1ml/L)

Repeat spray after every 10 days

Next Generation
'Nematode' Control Agent

Use Nema-Tod 100 ml -250 ml/acre

Repeat Use after every 7 days


Use All Rounder ( 2 ml / L ) + Nano Sulf ( 2ml/l ) + Insecticides (As per recommendation) + Nano Reach ( 1 ml/l )

Note: Repeat process after every 7 days


Use Nokout ( 100 ml / acre ) + Nano Sulf ( 2ml/l ) + Insecticides (As per recommendation) + Nano Reach ( 1 ml/l )

Note: Repeat process after every 10 days